Let's bring back the magic in everyday life

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Lovely to meet you here. 

I am a spiritual life coach, teacher and healer and I serve clients all over the world by giving clarity, healing old emotions and teaching people tools they can use to connect back to their own wisdom and healing power. 

I have been on the spiritual path for almost 25 years and love incorporating the ancient wisdom of the Moon in private sessions.  

Depending on your questions I will use a diversity of tools to give you clarity and understanding. 

My main goal is showing you how to use these deep healing and transformational tools for yourself.

I have almost 25 years of spiritual experience and learned a lot from Shaman, Druid & Wiccan teachers and worked over 16 years as a high profile magazine & newspaper journalist for titles like Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan (and have a journalism degree), was co-author of a travel guide, have taught creative writing and am a certified Life Coach and Life Purpose Coach. You can connect with me through Skype and Zoom. 

Depending on your questions I will use a diversity of tools to give you clarity and understanding; tarot cards, meditation (path working), numerology, astrology, dream analysis, law of attraction, angel guidance, crystals, power animals, archetypes, Akashic Records Healing and of course journalist skills to get to the core swiftly.

Would you like to know more? Here's the long version.

Over 5 years ago I bagged my journalism career to step into a more spiritually-orientated business to help people one-on-one. Even if journalism and being published sounds(!) like a dream to many, it did not tick my clock anymore and going through the barrier of 'what will people think' was extremely liberating and a great move.

It's no wonder I had this career for so long, because since an early age, I’ve been searching for “another reality” and finding ways to understand other people’s reality.


I grew up in a small village in the Netherlands, near the woods with a library situated in a historical barn in which I loved spending time. Games, creating adventures, reading and fun were favorite activities and I was a happy-go-lucky child. As a teenager it felt that something was missing from our day-to-day experiences. So I researched, read psychology books, asked people deep questions about how they experienced life and why they did what they did.

Emotions especially were a huge field of interest since people used to hide their true feelings and pretended they were not there. This caused a lot of confusion, because to me it was so easy to see what they were trying to hide, but they were denying it. Looking back on these experiences, I realize that's a clear trait of being an empath and clear knowing. Two of my most prominent clairs. 

The moon and divine feminine

One turning point in my teenage years is when my first tarot deck arrived when I was 18. I already knew about astrology, healing stones, and more. In my early twenties everything fell into place when I received a book on Wicca and I started hosting monthly moon circles with friends, which gave much depth to our life.


Since I also had a knack for writing, it led to what was a perfect profession at the time: questioning people for a living as a journalist. When life caught up with me as I got older, I studied journalism, got my degree, and had worked as a freelance journalist for newspapers and magazines from the start of my career. I worked hard to perfect my writing skills and managed to work for high profile intellectual newspapers and glossy titles like Marie Claire. What I loved about journalism was getting to hear people’s stories, discovering their motives, and seeing how they were living their life. I was an idealist who wanted to share other people’s stories to create more awareness and spark empathy so that it would create change.


I’ve always preferred a rather unorthodox lifestyle. This has led to connecting to different groups of society, living in Spain for 3 years, managing a bar, spending long summers in Turkey, living in London, and travelling Europe. The harder I tried to fit it into “normality” the harder life shook itself up again. Freelance work, irregular hours, running bars, Rock & Roll and changing place of residence seemed to work best for me. (If you are into astrology: north node conjunct Uranus with an Aquarius Midheaven. If you have this do not waste your time on fitting in ;) ). I truly believe it’s best to walk through life according to your own drum. I have made many changes in how I lived my life (work, places I lived, relationship choices), but the core of me remained the same.

Your own drum

It’s when I drifted away from my own drum and tried to walk a path that was considered best by society that was damaging to me. I would fall ill whenever I tried to squeeze into the “musts” and demands of a regular lifestyle. My thyroid would play up and at times it got pretty bad. This forced me to take time off and live a quieter, more balanced life. Self-healing was a priority for me during this time. With Chinese herbs, yoga, clearing meditations, a super healthy diet, and trying every alternative therapy on the block, I got myself up and running eventually. But in short, 9-5 living is not for me. 

In the end my enjoyment in working in the journalism field faded. Even though I can write well and enjoy sharing information, love research and interviewing, the actual writing never pleasured me much. When it was free flowing, then yes! Doing it by the book and rules? Not so much. The best periods were those in which I enjoyed myself and lived according to what was pleasing to me. I’ve experienced the Law of Attraction many of those times, but I did not have the information on it then. 

If I was really in the flow everything would simply naturally evolve and sort itself out without having to do much for it. Jobs would simply be offered to me and places to live showed up at the exact right time.

Years after, I’ve learned about the principles of the Law of Attraction. That’s why in a session I give not only clarity and understanding, but I also give tools. If old emotions are stuck, if you keep repeating the same record in relationships, career, or whatever it may be and you do not work on expansion or clearing those old beliefs, you will get the same result. The focus is the same when I work with artists, creative spirits and teach creative writing. Not doing it by the book and focusing on joy and simply encourage people expressing that what lives within them, translates itself in beautiful work. All the I cant’s simply turn into ‘ wow, I can and, how amazing and it’s fun!’

Daily life 
More and more people came to my house for transforming meditations, tarot readings, and dream analysis, asking me for spiritual information. They were getting great results, too. Mostly came for issues of love or other heavy life experiences that were a burden. Since the results were great— from feeling lighter after traumatic life incident, releasing writer’s blocks, to attracting their life partners after years of being single— I finally took the plunge. I connected to beautiful groups of people and held office in a holistic centre and started offering services online.

Now I run my online coaching business mostly from Europe while I travel. I have a certificate in life coaching and am currently taking a “life purpose coaching” course. Having met all these beautiful, soulful people from all over the world and seeing transformation has been great. I love being able to inspire and teach on a daily basis. 

I love hearing from you. Don't hesitate to contact me.

Much love, Laura

Want to know even more? Here's a small list of things I love: 

+ The ocean, the beach and islands! Warmth and sunshine is a happy blanket for me. However, for the United Kingdom I will make an exception. The ocean gives me a sense of freedom and looking at it and the horizon makes me blissfully happy.

+ People. And their stories and learning about how they see the world.

+ I love the English language and the UK and it's very likely I will settle there. I enjoy work by William Blake, William Wordsworth and Dylan Thomas among others. 

+  Cats. I am in love with this divine creatures and they know it. I’ve even flew in a stray cat I fell in love with and I professionally cat sit for people.  

+ Music. It lifts me up and can instantly alter moods. If you want to categorize me: indie, folk, rock & 70's. The Doors, Grace Slick, The Grateful Dead, Simon & Garfunkel, Johnny Cash, Leonard Cohen, Mumford & Sons, Dry the River, Lana del Rey and I even like John Denver’s Country Roads. Being a 90’s child I listened to alternative music like Pearl Jam and Nirvana and was frequently found in rock bars.