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Moon Energy Workshop

This is an online workshop that debunks the current moon myths and explains how it was used from an ancient perspective. (spoiler alert: the full moon is not for release!)

You will learn to:

+ use the moon phases to connect to your own rhythm

+ understand the moon phases and how to direct the energy to manifest your personal desires.
+ make your intentions work, understand how to add candle magic.

What you will get: 

+ recordings on the moon phases and what the moon represents

+ two recorded meditations (a full moon guided meditation to draw in and direct the energy for manifestation. And a dark moon meditation to help you review your past, present & future).

+ opportunity to ask questions (I will always answer)

+ Bonus recordings on candle magic, intention setting, astrology & the moon, lunar eclipses, connect to yourself exercise and how to become an energetic match to your desires. 

+ In total you receive around 3 hours of recordings

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This live workshop on working with the moon was recorded during full moon. 

If you don't know me yet, then you should probably know that I do love to get to the core quickly and share relevant, on point information with you. So no endless bla.

If you love to receive relevant information delivered in an understandable manner, then sign on here to start listening straight away. I will invite you like it's a gathering in my house with snacks, tea (or wine), magazines and places to get cosy, relax and simply be you.

The workshop is offered for $47 and you will have life time access. 

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