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Akashic Records Healing


Give yourself a time-out


Gift yourself some healing time in this Akashic Records reading.


This reading is done by Skype and will take around 90 minutes.


What to expect?
It will be a healing experience in which you shed layers you no longer needs, get to core of blocks and/or patterns and we will clear them for you.

Expect more understanding for a (repeating) pattern you may hold. Also expect that the energy around this will start shifting once a layer is removed. In a session you may feel emotional and/or have that huge aha-moment.

The great thing is that it is a gentle healing experience. Going into the records means you do not have to completely relive the experience and it’s a gentle release.

As with all energy work is doesn’t mean that all is humpty dory after one session and that was all the work. Healing is always a process. It does mean that there will more space within you, more lightness and you will start experiencing more of a flow.

First formulate your question. We will get on a call together and travel into the Records together. I will communicate the information to you which will give clarity on what can be cleared. I will mostly have my eyes closed during our call. That allows me to see what’s going on and receive the information for you.

I will always fist check if energy work like this is a good match for you. Since it’s high frequency, it can also be too much at times. If it’s not the right entry for you, I will suggest another healing tool.


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