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Block-Buster package: powerful deep clearing $449


This is are very powerful GAME CHANGER package that gives you clarity, clear old patterns, emotions and self-sabotages AND helps you bring in your desires.

--> This package consists of THREE sessions.

You will up and out some old patterns, shift the energy and experience release during and days (sometimes weeks after the sessions).

+ This is for those that are fed up repeating the same thing OVER and OVER.

+ This is for those wanting to UNBLOCK themselves and release self-sabotage

+ And those that want to re-align their energy into receiving your desires.

So you can move into clarity, space and ease.

Sometimes you can understand a pattern, but are unable to clear the energy around it.

If energy/emotions are stuck in your body then you can do all you want. Your response will still come from the ‘unseen part’ and give you the same results.

 In these sessions you will understand the pattern.

 We will clear the energy and emotions.

 And we will reset your frequency.

 What you’ll get:

You will receive ‘homework’ and personalized clearing tools. The tools depend on what comes up for you personally.

For your and my safety I'm very careful in working with delicate matters. So please send me an e-mail on what you would like to work on first.

You will get:

+ Clarity

+ Personalized tools

+ A deep clearing session around 120-150 minutes

+ One dream explained after the deep-clearing Block-buster session

+ Support afterwards

Step 1 (and session one is to get clear on what patterns are at play). Understanding is a crucial first step to be able clear it.

Step 2 - A week after your first session, there will be a second deep clearing session around 120-150 minutes.

Step 3 – Energy will be re-aligned into a useful direction. If necessary more will be cleared during this session.

Actual value: $605 

Price: $449


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