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Subconscious surgery: 4-week Coaching $699


This is for you if you want to work on a specific topic and are open to transform it into your desire. With "Subconscious Surgery" you UNDERSTAND the situation, we uncover (false) beliefs), then clear the belief and the memory, HEAL past emotions and then reset the energy.

You will get clarity, healing and we'll reset your energy. Akashic Healing is part of this package. And so is the Block-buster. Sessions are always personalised based on your personal needs and what benefits you.

All sessions are always about your personal well-being and personal desires.

You will get:

+ 4 live call sessions
+ Access to me by the phone app What's app  (and I will reply to you with a personal audio if you need extra support or a reframe.
+ Any extra meditations or coaching material I feel you'll need


+ Access to one of my programs (Moon Energy, Spiritual Declutter or Declutter for Love) that I feel benefits you.
+ Extra 30 minute LIVE CALL to discuss where you are at/progress
+ Explanation of your (night time) dreams.


You will get clarity, healing and we'll reset your energy. Akashic Healing is part of this package. Plus any extra meditations or coaching material you'll need & access to one of  I feel will most benefit you.

This coaching package will be $699 (actual value $989).

Contact me first if this is for you.

The LOVE COACHING package will dissapear. You can still work on love with me in this new package. I'm very successful in connecting people with love.

Obviously in everything you encounter in life and especially when you've carried it around long (or since a young age) it's a process. I also know that once you start unravelling it and clear pain, memories and mindset and change the energy it will change beyond what you've held possible.

My specialties basically revolve about everything that's close to your heart. That includes what's considered heavier like trauma's like miscarriages/child wishes/grief/abuse/refinding empowerment and more. I'm non judgemental in everything, so all questions & topics are welcome. As long as it's of personal importance to you.

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