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Yes! The year ahead reading is here and this year I'm also throwing in some pretty awesome bonuses for you. 

You'll receive the Abundant Bee Meditation that assists with resetting the energy on a cellular level, so you can start receiving. 

And to guarantee a fresh start of the year you'll get access to the 3-day Spiritual Mini-Declutter that helps you to clear out any old vibes and immediately improves the energy of your home. 

That's on top of your personalised reading  

Year readings are completely personalised and help you see the opportunities and themes present in your life. It will also reveal possible pitfalls and gives you strategy to use all of this to your benefit.

Clients let me know that they go over their readings often throughout the year to remind themselves of direction and opportunity.

These readings are available for purchase in a limited number (they are time consuming). I combine astrology, numerology and tarot for you.

This is for you if you want to learn how to best use the energies present in your life in 2019.


You will get: 

1) Your personalized reading combining tarot cards, numerology and astrology (transits).

2) You will get clarity on your opportunities, possible pitfalls and how to deal with them and your most important themes.

This is a powerful reading you can go back to all year to help it make a brilliant year.

BONUS 1 : The 3-day Spiritual Mini-Declutter (worth $27) 

BONUS 2 : Abundant Bee Meditation to reset the cells of your body into RECEIVING (worth $10)

You can book the limited New Year Reading for $89 as a recording (actual value including bonuses $210) OR book a private New Year session (first you'll receive your recording and then you'll have the opportunity to fine-tune and ask more questions on it for 45 minutes in a 1-1 call with me) for $149 (actual value including bonuses $287). Recordings are around 45-50 minutes. 

This is a time consuming reading and therefore limited to 10 spots. I will look deeply into your astrology and numerology before our session.

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