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Love Sessions - Limited Edition

Manifest Love.

- 5 sessions (minimum of 540 minutes/9 hours)
- clearing emotions
- e-mail support

You are purchasing roughly 15 hours of time.

You will get: A minimum of 5 sessions, personal support, dream analysis, clearing of old emotions and drawing love in with a dash of magic and the LOA. 

Who is it for?
For everyone seeking love. Those single for a long time, those tired of dating with the wrong people and those wanting to get ready to be with a partner.

Please note: These are limited sessions. There’s only room for 2 clients a month. And I only take on those who I feel are ready to do the work. To get the results, you have to be willing to dive in deep with me. And I will be very committed to you and your process.

Please schedule a FREE session in with me first if you would like to book the Love Session package. Please describe your situation by e-mail and I will get back to you A.S.A.P.

I have seen such amazing results that I offer a refund if you are not getting your results.

What to expect?

In short:
We would first look at love with tarot to see where you are in regards to beliefs/energy. Then often about 2 sessions with guided, transforming meditations will follow to remove the energy and/or clear. 


The deep clearing meditations are a cooperation. So I guide you into a deep receptive state, ask questions along the way (and I often see colors 

and images we use to clear what comes up & I ‘translate’ possible symbols that come up into their true meaning). This will re-frame old beliefs on a deep subconscious level and also works with the law of attraction.


Dreams you have after the sessions I would love to hear, because it tells me what shifted. The true transformation comes from the combination of insight + clearing old energy/emotions (and finally action + changing your ‘frequency’ to align you with love).

In general 4-5 sessions will change a lot. The time frame for these is generally anywhere between 3-7 months. The first 2 sessions will take place within a month-6 weeks.

All is personalized on your individual needs and therefore sessions can differ. 

Do read the Love Session testimonials. 
Feel free to ask for more information. 

These sessions are powerful. If you are serious about receiving love and allowing a partner to come in for you than this package is for you. 

I've only done these through word of mouth and people that needed it just always showed up. If you are here than I'm sure that's not a coincidence.