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Akashic Healing

The information I received from my Akashic reading resonated deeply with me, the reading revealed situations I had long held onto and had since forgotten on the surface, but clearly were affecting my day to day decisions on a deeper level.

There were times during the reading that Laura would use a descriptive word that meant something quite profound to me, even though she possibly didn't realise how significant the particular choice of word was. I could tell she was just receiving a stream of information, and it felt like it was being drawn from my soul. Amazing, confronting and healing all at the same time.  This reading has been the start of a process of release and revision.  

I loved this so much I bought a session for my husband the very next morning. What an amazing gift you have Laura, and so much fun too, I also had a great laugh with you, I felt your beautiful energy. Thank you.

Bec B (@myinnerwitch on Instagram)

Spiritual readings and workshops

I know Laura for almost five years now. And she has never let me down. She is one of the fewer people I know that is as well as grounded as she is spiritually connected. And that is a great gift.

I was lucky to be able to do her meditations, akashic healing sessions, clearance, tarot reading.. well actually I am so fortunate meeting her. Since then my live has been a constant learning process, and she helped me get insight and therefore grow. And I am very grateful for that. And know.. she is so spot on!! Whenever she did a tarot reading for me so I could gain clearance about certain situations, she has always been right.

The moon energy workshop is so great (actually all workshops are great, haha). You get a better understanding of the natural flow of life (if you struggle with 'going with the flow' and are an emotional person), so you can connect more with it and yourself. Connect to your inner goddess and wisdom in 7 days of goddesses. Wow.. Seven meditations, seven goddesses, but different every day. She is able to transfer her wisdom to you, in a way that is understandable and manageable. With a lightness to even the hardest lessons or insights. For me it shifted so much. I can't even explain.

And what I enormously appreciate in her, is not only what she does.. but who she is, how she cares. If you've got any additional questions, or maybe something isn’t completely clear to you at one point, she is always willing to help you. She has always the best intentions. And I appreciate her therefore so much for her work as well as a person.

Kelly K.

Akashic Healing

"I felt totally safe with Laura throughout the reading. I feel she is so utterly committed and connected to what she does and taking grounding so seriously and being fully safe to go into such high energies was really brilliant. The experience was very dreamlike and I loved the bubbly healing sensations I experienced.

UNLIKE MANY HEALING EXPERIENCES which were ‘too much’ for me this one was NOT. Within a day or so after the healing  people were responding to me differently. My energy had shifted, my boundaries were clearer and I had more authority in my being in the world and I received an invite for being a project leader.

It has been an enormous upward trajectory since then. I have found the perfect coach support and course for my continual growth. My self care is going from zero to alignment with self LOVE, my dreams are coming true (REALLY). Most of all I AM IN MY BODY and LOVING IT. This reading was 10/10 easy. That is profound."


Akashic Healing Reading

"The information I received resonated very well with me, it was as if I already knew what Laura told me! Because of the answers I got I felt I can now easier let go of my fears and move forward. I am very sensitive and as an empath I felt an immediate shift of blocks and energies during the healing. Felt very light and supported by my guides and Laura guided me well through it and my questions. Was an aha- experience in many ways. Recommended.”


Clarity and astrology

“If you are looking for clarity and insight on a deep & personal level regardless of what area you are seeking this for (business, personal, etc) I can highly recommend Laura as a gifted & empathetic guide on your journey to clarity & self-discovery. 

The reading I had with Laura was like meeting an old friend you haven`t seen in ages and Laura was really great at setting the stage for the reading (we did a quick meditation). The reading not only gave me the information I was seeking (around life purpose and who to serve in my business), but also insight and a clear vision on what is the key to my personal fulfillment. Things I couldn’t really put my finger on but felt for a long time are now clear.”
Ileana Bumbulici

Akashic Healing

“This reading helped me to understand what is making me feel stuck and why I tend to react the way that I do. . These are things that I don't even realize I do, but when Laura saw them and described them to me it made perfect sense and I was able to understand where it was coming from. I started out a little anxious, but Laura was very steady and calming during the process.

I felt very open and almost tingly during the healing. I was moved to tears but it was a freeing experience, more like a release than tears of sadness. After the experience I felt more at peace, calm and light. I feel that the shifting of the energy that took place will help me move to a place where I can better deal with the issue I asked about.”


Clarity readings

I have had a few readings from Laura now and could tell they were more than mere interpretations of the cards laid out. Laura draws on her knowledge of Astrology, Numerology and Tarot, but also has the genuine ability to tune in and pick up those messages that were meant for me.  I have found her readings to be so powerful, not only telling me what is present, but also what’s missing to set my path clear and true.  She will find those secrets that need to be revealed.

-Mike from www.KarmicStar.etsy.com

Akashic Healing
The Akashic Healing experience was gentle, enlightening, and empowering. And the information was so truthful - and nuanced. It was as if dusty corners of my life were being gentle cleaned.

Laura is truly connected to the other reality and is generous in inviting you along. Since my healing, I've felt more focused, with more clarity and courage to transform the challenges in my life as well as embrace the abundance.”

Laura is connected to the invisible realms. She is gifted in sorting through the planets and their archetypal forces at work in our lives. She is also uniquely able to tie her passion for tarot in with her astrological abilities, utilizing various mediums for accessing knowledge. My reading with Laura was very insightful. She truly listened to my questions and helped me view arenas in my life through a new lens.


Akashic Healing

“Before the reading I was tense and after I was feeling lighter. The Akashic Healing I received was therapeutic and dug deeper into things I had forgotten about and the information was extremely accurate.”

Irishprnzs on Instagram

Spiritual Reading

I received spiritual and intuitive guidance on a very significant relationship in my life and was having a hard time letting it go. Her guidance was accurate on the connection. It took some will power, but I have been taking Laura’s suggestions and was able to focus on me and really let go of the control. I feel like something shifted and like I am a different person and am attracting men that are treating me really well. This significant person has now also reached out to me and completely opened up in a whole new way to me that has created healing space for both of us. I feel this is a new beginning.

Purple G.on Instagram

Inner Artist Reading

Let me thank you once again, I find it uber accurate. I don't even know how you got to that bit about colour. So true.


Hoi Laura,

Nogmaals een bedankje voor het consult. Later op de dag gebeurde er precies wat de kaarten hadden aangegeven. Door onze legging wist ik het beter te plaatsen en kon ik makkelijker beslissingen nemen. Heel fijn!

Kim, tarot consult

Private session

Ik vond de sessie geweldig en voelde me erg licht toen ik van je vandaan ging. Ik was niet aan het zweven, maar het was alsof er een heel gewicht van mijn schouders was gevallen. Ik heb hernieuwde energie gekregen om zo veel mogelijk in gang te zetten. Dank je wel voor alles. 


Spiritual Guidance

Moonhouse Tarot did a reading for me that absolutely blew my mind. I asked her one simple question and she broke down several different situations in my life and offered genuine guidance. If anyone out there is look for a reading, I more then highly recommend Moonhouse Tarot.

I recommend people to you whenever they show an interest (because you are still the best reader I know!) The words I use are "awesome," "incredible," "accurate," and "cool".

B.L. Tarot and guidance
I got your reading today. It was sooo good. There were a few things I thought were very pertinent, such as what you said about the little voices. I'm very excited about 2016. Thank you so much for my reading and my tarot cards!

Love & Support Year Reading

Is this the place where I leave feedback? Excellent reading. Completely caught me off-guard and had my process down to a T. Knew things she couldn't possibly have. Extremely weird, but extremely awesome at the some time. Worth it :)
Inner Artist Reading

I want to thank you so much for your help and guidance through this process. It's amazing how much shifted so quickly! You are awesome at what you do!

Tanner K.

Love Sessions

Het was een ontzettend bijzondere en mooie ervaring. Ik stond open voor de kaartlegging maar was niet echt overtuigd van de kracht ervan. Echter, 95% van hetgeen Laura vertelde aan de hand van de kaarten, was direct herkenbaar en kon ik plaatsen. Ze weet het goed uit te leggen en een duidelijke context te geven. Ze is geduldig, oprecht en neemt de tijd. Ik voelde me echt gesterkt na de sessie.

D, tarot sessie.

Relationship reading

I had a Tarot reading with Laura about my relationship and I am very impressed - she described the situation accurately, gave solid and realistic advice and managed to deliver it in a wise, down to earth but also most gentle and warm way. 
Thank you again!

I can assure anyone who's contemplating a reading by moonhousetarot that she's the real deal. Her sight & ability to tune in is truly remarkable. Love & light!

Thank you so so much for the wonderful reading. I feel so much better after reading your email - and it feels good to know the areas of focus for the upcoming year - and what areas I can work on as well." 


New Year Theme Reading

Deep clearing meditation

Hi Laura,

Just to let you know that I've listened to the whole meditation and tried it twice. It is really beautiful and perfect for me at this time in my life. Quite excited to have this tool at my disposal.

Wow- thank you!!!! I needed that more than you know. All of it was SO right on.

S.N. Tarot

Wauw, dit is een mooie en uitgebreide analyse! Heel herkenbaar. Nu het zo op de mail staat is het heel overzichtelijk en is de kans groot dat ik er wat mee doe. Goeie opsteker voor mij.

Kim, droomanalyse
Absolutely spot on. Very good insight into my situation. I feel like I understand better and how to move forward in what I want. Highly recommend. Very honest and sweet!

Your wonderful reading brought up a lot of emotions, spookily accurate.

Problemsolving & Guidance spread

You're spot on !!

I'm starting a business right now (risky) and incredibly anxious about money, some of which is coming from family. I know I will have the means, but right now they aren't in my pocket so it's sort of this nebulous in-between period. Thanks so much! This is awesome....
Ik wil je bij deze even heel erg bedanken voor het tarotconsult van gister. Ik kan hier echt mee verder en het geeft mij rust, dankjewel!

I just had my reading and am really amazed, I have been reminded of what the important things in my life are and what direction I need to go in my personal and work life, thanks again :-) xxx" 

Sharon H.