Your future is not written in stone.

You create it each day.

I know that if you are here, there‚Äôs a big chance you are on your spiritual journey and are getting ready for your next best step. 

If you seek clarity, spiritual tools to create your own future on your terms or are ready to shift blocks then you came to the right place

I am a spiritual life coach, teacher and healer and love making spirituality very practical for you.

And I work on every level so you can see true alchemy and transformation in your life. With almost 25 years of experience I have an extensive spiritual tool box that can assist you. The steps are always the same.

1. Clarity
2. Healing
3. Transformation

Those are the steps to take to create the new. 

I can assist you in one-on-one sessions and teach how to do this in the Moonhouse Teachings Academy.

What can I assist you with TODAY? 

1. CLARITY (you can't create change if you don't know where you are at). 

2. HEALING (emotional and spiritual blocks need to be upped and outed your subconscious) 

3. RESET the energy so you can RECEIVE the outcomes 

Not sure what type of session will assist you? Send me an e-mail and I'll get back to you with a suggestion.

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Laura Diane Soer is a spiritual life coach, teacher and healer. 

She's an expert on the moon cycle and emotional healing and  has 20+ years spiritual experience. She was mentored by Shaman, Druid & Wiccan teachers.